What is this page for?

Telling the stories behind the music

I have laid out the inspiration and story behind each song. I like to tell stories through my songs, and this page is here for the eternally curious.

The debut album - Back to Sleep

01 - To Sleep

An ambient start to the album.

02 - My Clouds

Some people point their finger at the clouds when explaining their moods. A gloomy day makes for a gloomy mood. This song is about a man that realizes the insignificance of the weather on his mood. He blames the clouds, but then the clouds stop coming - yet he feels the same. 


He realizes that the real issue is his outlook on life: nothing matters. Everything we do will only culminate in words, whether they're on a grave, they're in a conversation, or they're floating around the internet.

03 - Even Though

My personal favourite original song. This song is about a man that finally finds his place of happiness.

There are strings attached though, of course. So this happiness comes from finding love, a common place for happiness to start. As we approach the end of the song, we realize that this love he has found is only present in his dreams. 

He spends the days waiting to fall asleep so he can be happy again. Is this true happiness? 

04 - Afraid to Fly

The first song I ever wrote. I was 15 at the time. I was obsessed with Dream Theater, so this song is in 7/4. A strange acoustic rock song with very open chords.

This has really fun drums and even a bass solo because what 15-year-old doesn't throw bass solos into their first song?

05 - Already Miss You

I live in Quebec now, but I spent four years at University in Hamilton. People fall in love. People fall out of love. People move hours away. People change.

I was in the process of falling in love while also getting ready to move 10 hours away. This song is for her. 

06 - The Moment

This song is about measuring life in important moments rather than time. It is told through the perspective of a parent with a dying child. Measuring life through these moments is a way of coping with the immense loss of losing someone so important before they have had the opportunity to grow up.


It’s really difficult to tell a parent’s story, especially one of this nature. Having never felt these emotions before, I can only imagine.

07 - Blind Contour

I am heavily inspired by some guitar heroes like Jon Gomm and Calum Graham. This song was my first shot at playing the guitar while using it as a percussive instrument.

A blind contour is a drawing where the artist's pencil never leaves the page and they don't look at the page until it is complete. I wanted this song to be in standard tuning because all of the fancy songs I've learned so far have taken 2+ minutes just to tune the guitar.

Tabs coming soon

08 - Roads

I wrote this song with my dad when I was 16. This art is actually the road leading up to my childhood home. The music is supposed to be just straight up acoustic rock and nothing more. 

The lyrics (all written by my dad) are about looking back towards the past while looking ahead towards what's next. 

09 - A Miracle

The right person can make you feel special without lifting a finger. The wrong person can make you write an entire song over multiple days of physical and emotional isolation.

This song is about a girl.

10 - Last Song

What is the last song you will ever hear? Will it even be something you chose or will it be something you half-heard on the radio in the car?
My aunt requested that her last song be "Blackbird" by the Beatles, and she wanted it to be performed by me. 

This song is about that experience.