Quebec, Canada | Acoustic Singer-songwriter and Indie

Owen Ferguson is obsessed with guitar. Releasing his first songs in 2014 when he was just 16, he spent the last 5 years crafting songs often from a somber perspective about the world around him. Owen was classically trained at the age of 12, and quickly picked up bass and drums shortly after. Fast forward a few years, and Owen layers unique vocal harmonies in obscure places to capture the listener's attention. First, with his rendition of Blackbird released in early 2020, then spilling this fresh compositional structure into his singles My Clouds and Even Though throughout 2020. It doesn't end there. Owen is an avid fan of metal, growing up listening to bands like Metallica and Dream Theater, he couldn't help but incorporate distorted guitars in songs like Roads. Now, Owen takes inspiration from acoustic artists like Brent Walsh and City and Colour as well as modern metal artists such as Ice Nine Kills and Dayseeker. Combine this with the acoustic guitar style similar to virtuosos like Jon Gomm and Calum Graham, you get soft melodies, heavy rhythms, and technical prowess.

Owen graduated from McMaster University with a B.Sc. in Neuroscience and is now starting graduate studies in microscopy at Laval University in Quebec City.