Music is my first love, but it is not my first identity. I (Hi, I’m Owen) am a PhD student at ULaval in Québec city; I study how neurons produce energy differently in the context of Parkinson’s Disease, but I spend just about every evening thinking about and creating new music.

Multiple times per week, I will be in the middle of some task and need to suddenly stop so that I can go write down some lyrics or hum a melody into my phone or record a weird chord progression at my computer. This, I don’t think will ever change.

I can’t go a week without creating some kind of new music or adding some weird part to one of my already-existing songs. My favourite thing to do at the moment is to add strange harmonies to the main vocal (I’ve been in a major 7th mood recently) and try to create sounds that I rarely hear when listening to music “in the wild” (e.g. Spotify).

I released my first album — Back to Sleep — in November of 2020 and that experience taught me so much and was so surprisingly enjoyable that I chose to spend the last ~2 years building a much better-sounding and more well-planned follow up: Counting Petals.