1. Afraid to Fly

From the recording Back to Sleep

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Afraid to Fly

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What I lack in talent
I make it up in heart
know I'll never get there if
I'm afraid to start

they tell me that I can't
But I'm still gonna try
tell me that it can't be done
but they can't tell me why

of course you're gonna fail
if you're too scared to try
if you never spread your wings
you're never gonna fly

don't let em' make your choice for you don't let em' hold you down cause
if you don't use those wings
you'll never leave the ground
don't you be
afraid to fly

it's time for me to kiss the clouds
and face my greatest fear
rise above my self-esteem
fly so high I'll disappear
no longer bound by gravity
floating free into the sky
I'm not scared of anything
which makes me free to fly

breaking all the boundaries
soaring overhead
learning more about myself
so they can follow where I've lead
the sky is not the limit
I'm soaring oh so high
find it hard to believe
I was once afraid to fly

if I have got nothin' left
I'll still give it my all
pick myself up everytime
I won't be scared to fall
I'll take the damage head on
I won't even close my eyes
spread my wings & soar away
unafraid to fly