1. Last Song

From the recording Back to Sleep

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Last Song

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In dying days
a last request
a final wish
a last caress

In your family’s care
You’re our source of joy
At your final breaths
in a body destroyed

A life of love
a tragic end
a brilliant symphony
as you ascend

Strong in strife
a pleading soul
a beautiful life
our pain you console

One song is yours
a final note
to conclude your life
keep your eyes closed

what would you say
what would you hear
what would you do
The end draws near

where would you be
what would you see
this is your last song
then you are free

A song of love
one of hate
a song of triumph
one of fate
or a song of birds
black as night
you can fade away
as they learn to fly

take a
to look back
to reminisce
about the days
as your life fades to black